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Wondermom's eco-shop | Mom's Own |  Babaloo "Oooh" Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter

Babaloo "Oooh" Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter

Wondermom's eco-shop | Mom's Own |  Babaloo "Oooh" Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter


Babaloo "Oooh" Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter

Price: 9.99


"Oooh, isn't this nice!" Babaloo's pure, luxurious unscented shea balm

Ingredients: 75% shea butter, 25% jojoba oil… yup! That's it!
85 ml (since its pure shea butter it goes a long way)

Aluminium container is 95% recycled

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a solid oil extracted from the nut of a shea tree.
Shea butter naturally contains vitamin A and vitamin E, but greatest of all - shea butter also consists of complex fatty acids. Babaloo's Shea butter is entirely organic and unrefined so as not to diminish any of its natural qualities.

"Women's Gold"

What separates Shea butter from other moisturizing products are the above mentioned complex fatty acids which help to "restore natural elasticity to the skin and promote regeneration of damaged skin cells" thus a reputation as "Women's Gold" is born. Shea butter has the astonishing ability to - Daily moisturize skin (face and body), chapped skin, stretch marks, nappy rash, wrinkles, blemishes, scars, stings, minor burns (including sunburn), cracked skin (especially overworked hands), eczema, dermatitis, cracked and dry feet and elbows, arthritis, athlete's foot, after shave balm, scalp irritation, acne, lip balm, hair revitalisation, massages, and blisters…just to name a few.
But that's not all, it's also important to know that Babaloo obtains all of their shea butter through a women's cooperative in Togo. In fact, shea butter is an economic commodity largely controlled by women in rural Africa - something very rare. By supporting fair-trade we are ensuring that a significant amount of what is paid for the shea butter goes back into the community making your choice to buy Babaloo Shea Butter an ethical one, particularly for women.

Wondermom's eco-shop | Mom's Own |  Babaloo "Oooh" Organic Fairtrade Shea Butter

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