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Wondermom's eco-shop | Chariot Bike Trailers |  Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Accessories

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Accessories

Wondermom's eco-shop | Chariot Bike Trailers |  Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Accessories

Chariot Handlebar Bag

The Chariot Handlebar Bag has a dual storage purpose in that it securely clips to your Chariot Handlebars or once quickly removed - may be used as a handy little backpack. Includes external water bottle pocket in addition to buckles for hanging other items. Suitable for entire Chariot range.

Chariot Replacement Flag

A safety flag is automatically included when purchasing a trailer from Wondermom. But in case you don't have one with a trailer pre-loved - here you are...

Chariot Cargo Rack

The Cargo Rack adds some more convenient and easily accessible storage to your Chariot. It may be quickly attached (and removed) from the Chariot frame to any Sport Series Model. Suitable for light storage with adjustable elastic straps to hold 'things' in.

Chariot Bunting Bag

The Chariot Bunting Bag is no ordinary blanket! Benefiting from fleece lining, the option of 1 or 2 layers, a wind-resistant microfiber and an easy-to-clean vinyl foot area… what more could you ask for? Oh ya! It is also specifically designed to incorporate the use of your Chariot's 5-point seatbelt too - safety first as always!

Chariot Baby Sling

The Chariot Infant Sling hangs like a hammock offering not only support, total comfort and stability but also leaves enough room within the Chariot for an older sibling (within 2 seaters). Not recommended for cycling. From approximately 1 - 10 months of age.

Chariot Bivy Bag

The Chariot Baby Bivy allows even the newest of babies (3 - 8 kg) to enjoy the comfort and safety of your Chariot Trailer. Easily Buckled in and out, permits you to move but not wake your sleeping angel when starting or finishing your daily journey. Not for cycling mode.

Bike Trailer Foot Mat

The Foot Mat is ideal to protect the floor of your Chariot double seaters. Pretty handy too for removing dirt, rubbish and all other things that tend to gravitate to the footwell.

Weber Baby Seat

The Weber Baby Seat is the ideal solution to fit your baby (up to 20 months) safely into your trailer. Will work for twins too. Oh! And don't worry - the lining can be removed and washed following those inevitable spills and such. Planning to use it for a newborn? Why not add the Baby Seat Insert for Newborns.

Chariot Cycling ezHitch™

The Chariot ezHitch™ is sold as a spare part. As all chariots are already sold as Bike Chassis this is only required if you wish to be able to easily transfer your Chariot from one Bike to another. It's suitable for both solid and quick release rear axles and may be left on without affecting the release of the back wheel.

Chariot Baby Supporter

Naptime and general journeys can be made even more comfortable with the Chariot Baby Supporter. Totally adjustable and allowing full use of the five point harness system means it may accommodate any growing child with or without a helmet.

Chariot Trailer Travel Bag

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to make the most out of your Chariot Trailer. These tough, reinforced travel bags are a convenient way to pack and go - especially when flying. There are even additional inner bags for your wheels to ensure everything is safe and tidy.

Chariot Trailer Storage Cover

Available in two sizes, the Chariot Trailer storage cover is ideal protection inside or outdoors.
We now also offer the *NEW* One Size For All Storage cover to fit your Chariot AND it's water proof!

Chariot Rain Covers

These transparent Rain Covers are designed for more extreme weather conditions making your Chariot Trailer more water tight. Available for all models.

Wondermom's eco-shop | Chariot Bike Trailers |  Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Accessories

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