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Wondermom's eco-shop |  Chariot Bike Trailers

Chariot Bike Trailers

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Chariot Bike Trailers

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Sport Series

Chariot's sport series are for the mom or dad who want limitless possibilities when it comes to venturing out with their little ones. From the elite specifications of the CX to the more economical Cheetah, Chariot Trailer Sports Series has an answer for every parent who doubles as an outdoor enthusiast. All are available as either single or double seaters.

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer City Series

The Chariot Trailer City Series were designed with the European market in mind. With their extremely durable polyethylene floor pan in addition to generous behind the seat storage, they are ideal for everyday use and transport. Seating up to 2 children with a capacity of up to 45 kg, we like to refer to them as the perfect urban addition!

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailers Touring Series

The Chariot Classic Touring Series offer families the perfect trailers for all around use. Choices include the Chariot Cabriolet or the Deluxe Corsaire XL. Both benefit from spoked wheels, additional interior seating space, more storage, VersaWing 2.0™ and all of the other basic yet superior Chariot specifications.

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Conversion Kits

This is where your Chariot Trailer can be even more fun! With these clever conversion kits and a few easy steps, you can easily transform your Chariot Trailer into a jogging stroller or a slick buggy to conveniently zip around shops.

Chariot Carrier Bike Trailer Accessories

Check out our great selection of Chariot Trailer add-ons! Including the newborn Baby Bivy (as seen in picture), Infant Sling and Baby Supporter to make transporting your tiny ones even more comfortable and stress free. We also offer Chariot Trailer rain covers, handlebar bags and more!

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Chariot Bike Trailers

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