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Wondermom's eco-shop | Croozer Bike Trailers  |  Croozer Accessories

Croozer Accessories

Wondermom's eco-shop | Croozer Bike Trailers  |  Croozer Accessories

Croozer Baby Seat Support 2010

For children aged 10 to 18 months, this Baby Supporter by Croozer will make their journey safer and alot more comfortable. May be used with both the Kid for 1 and Kid for 2s.

Croozer Integral Baby Sling

If you're keen to put your little, little one in the either the Croozer Kid 1 or 2, the Croozer Integral Baby Sling is exactly what you need.

Croozer Handlebar Console

You can never have too much storage! This handlebar console made for Croozer by Croozer is just the thing to make all of those bits and bobs readily available.

Croozer or Kiddy Van Axle Hitch

A must have for moms and dads who intend to take turns towing the bike trailer. This universal axle hitch is suitable for the Croozers and Kiddy Van.

Croozer Kid For 1 Rain Cover

Although Croozers benefit from a weather resistant cover… you can never be too prepared when venturing out in the British countryside. These transparent polyurethane rain covers will keep you little one nice and dry.

Croozer Kid For 2 Rain Cover

Put your trust in having one of these polyurethane rain covers always on hand rather than the ever changing weather reports.

Cozy Blanket

The Croozer Cozy Blanket removes all the hassle involved with wrapping up your little one and safely harnessing them in at the same time. Ideal to use with the Weber Baby Seat.

Croozer Winter Bunting Bag

The Winter Bunting Bag is snugglicious and keeps those little toes cozy whilst still making it possible to buckle them up safely. Suitable for both the Croozer and Chariot trailers. Available in 2 sizes: Baby or Child

Weber Baby Seat

The Weber Baby Seat is the ideal solution to fit your baby (up to 20 months) safely into your trailer. Will work for twins too. Oh! And don't worry - the lining can be removed and washed following those inevitable spills and such.

Weber Baby Seat Newborn Insert

This fleecy (and washable if I might add) lining is a comforting and safe way to take the newest of babies out in your Weber Baby Seat.

Bike Trailer Foot Mat

The Foot Mat is ideal to protect the floor of your Chariot or Croozer double seaters. Pretty handy too for removing dirt, rubbish and all other things that tend to gravitate to the footwell.

Wondermom's eco-shop | Croozer Bike Trailers  |  Croozer Accessories

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