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Create Your Own Treasure Basket

What is a treasure basket?

What is a treasure basket?

A treasure basket is a collection of everyday and natural objects that allow babies to explore a variety of different textures.

Providing this experience for your baby encourages them to use all their senses, which helps them to make connections in their brains and supports all areas of their development.
What should I put in my treasure basket?

What should I put in my treasure basket?

Ideally, items are put in a wicker basket, that is not too deep, so your baby can easily reach into it. If you haven’t got one, don’t worry, you can just put the items out for your baby to explore.

Ideas for your basket...

- fir cones, shells, large stones, feathers, loofahs, pumice stone, fruit
- wooden clothes pegs, curtain rings, scrubbing brush, pastry brush, wooden spoon, toothbrush
- metal spoon, whisk, bunch of keys, small tins
- ribbon, tennis ball, pieces of material (leather, suede, velvet)
- cardboard tubes, egg boxes

Leave out any item you feel is unsafe for your baby. Only use things you feel comfortable with.

What do I need to do?

What do I need to do?

When using a treasure basket it is important that you watch your baby. Some of the items are can break easily, such as fir cones and cardboard tubes become soggy when chewed. You need to be nearby so you can remove these objects, if necessary.
The basket will need checking and cleaning regularly to remove broken items.
If you have fruit in your basket remember to remove it once your baby has finished.
What age does my baby need to be?

What age does my baby need to be?

Ideally, your baby needs to be able to sit up on their own.
Treasure baskets are suitable for babies until they are able to walk. Once your baby is walking you will need to remove heavy items from your basket, as older children tend to throw them! If you think it might be dangerous then remove it.

Courtesy of Linzi PearsonCourtesy of Linzi Pearson

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