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Wondermom's eco-shop |  Wheelybugs


Wondermom's eco-shop |  Wheelybugs

Ladybird Wheelybug

It's not so much a matter of IF you want to add a Wheelybug to your family, but rather, WHAT one to purchase. Here is the darling Ladybird. Don't worry about the "feelers" coming loose either as they are made with stainless steel springs and have an internal limiter cord. phew. Available in Small and Large.

Tiger Wheelybug

Do you have a wee Tarzan amongst your jungle? By all means - don't tame him! Allow him to explore and become one with his environment on this little pussy cat. The newest of the Wheelybug clan, the Tiger is available in Small (1-3 yrs) or Large (2½-5 yrs). He even has a little tale!

Bee Wheelybug

Just Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzin around was never so much fun! Since the Wheelybugs were designed for level indoor use, the Bumble Bee is the kind of toy that will never be left alone for long. And after a long day of all that love and enjoyment - it's polyurethane leatheroid skin can be easily wiped down ready for the next new adventure.

Cow Wheelybug

Moooove aside dad, I've come to graze on this here pasture. Though, unlike an ordinary cow, the Wheelybug Cow can easily navigate forwards, backwards, round and round developing balance, coordination, spatial awareness and gross motor skills in your little tike. Now that's moorvelous.

Mouse Wheelybug

This is one little mouse you won't mind to see scurry across your kitchen floor. Handmade with quality materials, it will delivery years of fun and will see younger siblings positively delighted to have it handed down. Choose from the Small (1-3 yrs) or the Large (2½-5 yrs).

Wondermom's eco-shop |  Wheelybugs

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